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Merrill Chandler
“How to Get the Cheapest Money Possible”

If you don’t think credit is important to real estate investing, thank again!  Over 80% of all business lending decisions are based upon your personal credit profile.  So having a “fundable” credit profile, personal and business, is crucial to obtaining the best terms and conditions from lenders.  After all, lenders always analyze your credit report when considering giving you a loan.  (As do credit card companies.)  The better your credit, the lower your interest rate.  Right?  In many ways, credit is the bedrock of your investing success.

So if you want the best loan terms (i.e. interest rate), you need good credit.  In fact, obtaining (and maintaining) a high credit score is one of the most requested subjects from our members.  In response, we went on an exhaustive nationwide search to find a real credit authority who could help.  Not a credit repair person per se, but an actual credit authority who’s worked behind the scenes and in the trenches with FICO.  And after a 12-month exhaustive search we found him!  (In Las Vegas, of course!)

His name is Merrill Chandler and he is the founder of “Credit Sense” (which, when you think about it, is the perfect name).  It’s taken us a year to get Merrill to come to Los Angeles, so we’re very VERY excited to announce that Merrill will be presenting at the LA Grand Expo.   This has been a long time coming!

For over 25 years, Merrill Chandler, a co-founder of Lexington Law Firm, has been involved in credit repair, credit scoring, and lender underwriting requirements.  During that time, Merrill developed a process to optimize personal and business credit profiles to improve a borrower’s “Fundability” (i.e. credit score).  Based upon this concept, he founded Credit Sense to deliver his revolutionary technology to real estate investors seeking funding.

In 2016, Merrill met with FICO CEO, Will Lansing, to review the impact Credit Sense’s optimization technology was having on a borrower’s “fundability”.  As a result of that meeting, Merrill was authorized to meet with FICO’s Score Development Team.  After signing a non-disclosure agreement, Merrill was able to quiz FICO developers about their credit score criteria so that he could better assist borrowers in accomplishing their funding needs.

Based upon those FICO meetings, Merrill’s presentation will radically transform what you believe about lenders and your ability to get funding for your real estate deals.  The title of Merrill’s presentation is “The Million Dollar Funding Formula.”  During his presentation, Merrill will discuss:

1. What is “Fundability
2. How does FICO’s credit scoring system really work
3. How can investors optimize their credit score
4. How to take advantage of automated bank underwriting systems
5. How to utilize the “Velocity of Money
6. Avoiding the 3 common mistakes real estate investors make
7. What is the funding “Golden Goose
8. How to obtain unsecured lines of credit without collateral.

Merrill is a compelling and knowledgeable speaker who explains fundability optimization technology in a language everyone can understand.  If you’re concerned about your credit score and/or funding your next deal (who isn’t), don’t miss Merrill’s presentation at our Grand Expo.