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Desiree Doubrox
Today’s “Master of Ceremonies”

An entrepreneur since the age of 12, Desiree Doubrox has always been the founder/owner of her own businesses, such as the Marina Mermaid, A Models Media, Lookin’ Good productions and Celebrity Auctions to name a few.

After leading a successful career in real estate since 1989 as a broker, investor, and creator of a seminar series entitled “From Babies & Bills to Riches in Real Estate,” in 2001 Desiree launched “An Empowered Woman” with the intention of encouraging women to invest in real estate.  An exclusive global networking community and resource center for women professionals and entrepreneurs,  Empowered Woman coaches women in starting, fixing or building their businesses with web TV and radio shows, MasterMinds, tele-classes, seminars, and unprecedented live events.
With their affiliate associations around the world, Empowered Woman has grown to over 53,000 members and has access to over a million worldwide.

In 2011 the Foundation of Empowered Women, a non-profit division was formed.

In 2015, as a producer and publisher of “Let’s Talk Success,” Desiree launched a digital magazine distributed in 11 countries with access to over one million viewers.  This includes podcasts, photos, articles and TV shows featuring women who have achieved the millionaire status as they share their stories, challenges, victories and secrets to success.

Her work has not gone unnoticed.  As an international speaker and supporter of women’s causes, Desiree has been honored the last six years as one of Los Angeles Business Journal’s “Women Making a Difference” Awards, and four Bravo Awards from NAWBO.

Desiree’s newest project is Homwork.  What is Homwork?  It’s where you can live where you work; work where you live; anywhere in the world.  Designed for business women to live in full-time, part-time, or as a drop-in.  Think Airbnb meets WeWork.  Her first location is a luxury estate in Ranch Santa Fe, California, with plans for four more in California.

It’s amazing what Desiree has put into motion and if you ask her this is only the beginning.  A self-declared knowledge seeker, Desiree believes every woman is empowered and she works to create the platform for them to shine.   Now that’s empowering!

Desiree has a commanding yet calming presence in front of an audience, which why we selected her as our official Grand Expo “master of ceremonies.”  In between speakers be sure to say hello to Desiree and enjoy her inspirational story.