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2nd Annual Los Angeles Real Estate Grand Expo

DATE: DATE: Sunday, October 31st, 2021
TIME: 9:00 am to 6:00pm
LOCATION: Skirball Cultural Center,
2701 N.Sepulveda Drive,
Los Angeles CA 90049

Keynote Speaker - TBA
Surprise Keynote Speaker will be announced 


Lawrence “Jake” Jacobsen
"“You Could Lose Everything if You Don’t Follow these Secret Rules”"

Jake Jacobsen is a wealth and preservation expert, business mentor, and accomplished public speaker. Jake has 30 years of professional legal and business transactional experience. He provides advice for business procedures and practices. His main focus is protective business and personal structuring and planning that help clients preserve their wealth. Basically helping them become invisible!

Jake is passionate about counseling investors in protective planning strategies that ensure not only their survival, but their success. Jake has a strong sense of mission - to reveal advanced business techniques and strategies to investors in order to provide them with security for the future. Utilizing this “double threat” of knowledge and experience, Jake helps entrepreneurs, business owners, and real estate investors reach and achieve their goals.

Over the years Jake has been active in both civil and criminal litigations, including: appeals, bankruptcies, contracts, and real estate negotiations. But in his later years, Jake’s focus has been increasingly on protective and defensive personal structuring and planning, with an emphasis on real property transactions. He has represented everyone from pro bono clients to Fortune 100 clients. Jake has a passion for the details, the contracts, and the paperwork that every investor needs to protect themselves and prosper in today’s “sue happy” environment.

Whether its speaking on stage, being interviewed in the media, or advising investors, Jake can be found helping people to excel in their life ambitions by creating a solid foundation on which to build their business aspirations. Jake helps investors make their personal dreams become a financial reality!

Jake is also an accomplished jazz performer, writer and arranger, and former college baseball and ice hockey player. He is proficient in multiple languages, history, and is an academic at heart. He really believes in education as a crucially important aspect of life and making real estate investors more "savvy" when it comes to their businesses.

During his presentation, Jake will explore:
1. Why LLCs are so important;
2. Why trusts are so important;
3. Why you need to have a catalog of dependable business forms
4. How to own nothing and control everything
5. How to properly protect your personal residence
6. How to use the same business structures as millionaires
7. How to protect your wealth (not your assets)
8. How to implement a secret comprehensive plan for your estate

Jake wants to educate people how to structure the legal framework of their estate so they understand what’s happening in their personal and business structures. His passion is to stop people getting “screwed over” because of the lack of legal skills and knowledge. So anything that will reflect how your education on the forms, limited liability companies, and trusts allow people to create multiple streams of cashflow. Join us today in welcoming Jake Jacobsen to our Grand Expo stage…




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Skirball Cultural Center,
2701 N. Sepulveda Blvd, Los Angeles CA 90049
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