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2nd Annual Los Angeles Real Estate Grand Expo

DATE: Sunday, October 31st, 2021
TIME: 9:00 am to 6:00pm
LOCATION: Skirball Cultural Center,
2701 N.Sepulveda Drive,
Los Angeles CA 90049

Keynote Speaker - TBA
Surprise Keynote Speaker will be announced 


Tie Lasater
 "Connecting Capital to Wealth - How to Fund All Your Deals"

Tie Lasater knows how to create success! He is a highly successful entrepreneur, real estate investor and philanthropist. Tie has used his extensive background in accounting to further his real estate career. After receiving a Masters of Accountancy, he worked at the famous Big 4 firm, KPMG, where he focused on Private Equity and Private Capital clientele. That experience carried over to Tie starting his own Private Equity Firm, with business interests in seven countries, three continents, and clients all over the world.

Tie Lasater is a Top 100 Real Estate Investor according to Entrepreneur Top 100 Magazine. He was elected into the International Real Estate Hall of Fame through Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad Poor Dad company. He and his partners have acquired multi-million dollar properties across the U.S. He has built one of the top real estate and business coaching organizations centered around a unique selling proposition that most other real estate coaches are missing. He is currently actively investing in properties, acquiring 30 to 40 every month. With numerous success stories from clients who use his strategies, Tie is focused on his clients first. His driving force and his team’s motto is “For Your Legacy” and he is 100% committed to building his clients’ legacy.

One of his clients, Cleburn, says, “As a single father of 5 kids, I was a successful car salesman for Audi but I had reached my peak, I was the top salesman and really had no more room for growth but I knew I needed more to support my family. I was making just enough to cover bills most months. But there were some months that I didn’t have enough, no savings, and it stressed me out. But I took a huge leap of faith and trusted my future and my family’s future to Tie. I went through his real estate coaching and within weeks I had raised $250,000 in capital and acquired four significantly discounted off-market properties. That provided me an extra $1,200 dollar a month in cash flow all within my first month of doing real estate.”

As an extremely successful real estate investor and entrepreneur who now has more than 10 highly successful companies, Tie is now obsessed with sharing his successful Legacy Builder strategies with his clients and help them take their lives and businesses to the next level. At his events, Tie brings together some of the most influential business leaders, investors, celebrities, and startups that he has worked with, done business with and spoken with on stages all over the world. Influencers like, Mel Gibson, Kathy Ireland, Michael Irvin, Vanilla Ice, Randi Zuckerberg and Bruce Buffer to name a few. he has built to other entrepreneurs and real estate investors worldwide.

The title of Tie’s Grand Expo presentation is “Connecting Capital to Wealth – How to Fund All Your Deals.” During his presentation, you will learn:

     1. How to Build a Consistent Funnel of Leads Coming to You
     2. How to Build a Steady Flow of Capital for All Your Deals
     3. The Perfect Real Estate Sales Presentation
     4. Leveraging Other Peoples Network
     5. How to Overcome Objections BEFORE They Come Up
     6. The Perfect Follow-Up Formula
     7. The Art of the Testimonial

Most important to Tie is his amazing wife Karah and their 3 kids. Tie and Karah are passionate about their work with various charities. Karah manages their charity focused on building a future for teenage single mothers. Tie and Karah are also passionate about their charitable work for orphaned children in the US, China and Africa. Tie is currently in the final planning stages for an orphanage they are building in East Africa.

Tie has been described by Celebrity Apprentice Judge George Ross as “The person you want to be involved with if you are looking to build a successful real estate business.” As you can see, we are very excited to have Tie speaking at this year’s Grand Expo. And we are sure you’ll be just as excited to see him speak as well!



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Skirball Cultural Center,
2701 N. Sepulveda Blvd, Los Angeles CA 90049
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