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3rd Annual Los Angeles Real Estate Grand Expo

DATE: Saturday, October 22nd, 2022
TIME: 9:00 am to 6:00pm
LOCATION: Iman Cultural Center,
3376 Motor Ave,
Los Angeles CA 90034

Keynote Speaker - Rick Sharga: "What to Expect in the Post-Pandemic Real Estate Market"

Seth Phillips
"New Up-Zoning Laws Create Big Money-Making Opportunities"

Seth Phillips is the founder and head of ADU Gold. He has been a licensed broker/agent for over 30 years. Seth also brings over 13 years of real estate development expertise, having renovated over 1,200 homes. He is also the founder of “The ADU Development Meetup” group with over 730 members. Join Seth (“Mr. ADU”) as he discusses the benefits of Senate Bills 9 and 10, and how you can easily improve your revenue by taking advantage of these new laws. 

If you are concerned about the new California up-zoning laws and how to take advantage of them, Seth’s presentation is for you! Put your mind at ease when Seth teaches you how you will be able to dramatically increase your rental income by taking advantage of recently passed California Senate Bills 9 and 10, the NEW California Accessory Dwelling Unit (“ADU”) laws that allows you to add more rental units to your property.

Property owners must take advantage of Senate Bill 9!  This is a “haymaker” that the small property owners will benefit from.  Seth will be covering this new law that allows property owners to add up to three rental units to their single-family residence. That's right – state law now allows you to increase the number of rental units you own with very few restrictions.  Under the new “ADU Law,” owners may add two new rental units (in additional to existing SFR and ADU) regardless of square footage without local restrictions.  This just passed legislation is going to offer real estate investors just like you a new tool to create much-needed housing while at the same time creating great opportunities to accumulate new wealth by “optimizing an asset” you already own.  Seth will also be discussing the possible outcomes of Senate Bill 10 and the evolution of this new 10-unit “commuter housing” option.

At Seth’s presentation, you will learn how to…

  •  Have the potential to double, triple, or more, your multifamily rental income today, right now!
  •  Maximize the “footprint” of your property by adding additional housing units.
  •  Convert recreational, laundry and storage rooms, and garages into Accessory Dwelling Units that you can generate additional rental income.
  •  Eliminate parking at your building with no additional parking requirements so long as your property is located within one-half mile of mass-transit, and how you can add up to 10 additional units on your property.
  •   Generate increased N.O.I. by adding new duplex and four-plex housing units and ADUs at your properties.
  •   Learn the “step-by-step” ADU process on how you can make these opportunities work for you.

We are excited to have Seth joining us at our Grand Expo and sharing the latest news on accessory dwelling units.




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Iman Cultural Center,
3376 Motor Ave Los Angeles CA 90034
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