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Jonah Dew
The Money Multiplier Strategy

Jonah Dew has a background in conventional banking and insurance sales. For the last 5+ years he’s been a hands-on teacher of a very specific privatized banking concept and has personally helped thousands of people understand how to create more cash flow. He has a passion for helping people have a good time in life, and he thinks that your money situation should be a part of that equation.

Jonah knows that oftentimes the biggest barrier of entry with real estate investing is the money. He can educate your audience on how to be their own bank using a 200-year-old concept called Infinite Banking.

When real estate investors are able to combine this method with their real estate business, money happens.

Real estate investors are the absolute BEST BANKERS because they have a deeper level of understanding when it comes to money movement, assets, and R.O.I.

Jonah will teach your audience how to leverage specially designed and engineered Whole Life Insurance policies that are built for banking purposes.

Whether funding rehabs, buying materials, paying contractors, or any other need a real estate investor may have, the money in these policies acts as (and is) cash.

All business owners have cash flow needs every single month. What if a banking policy like Jonah describes could be the answer for those cash flow needs?

Businesses often write off interest charges to a policy loan as a deduction come tax time so there are tax advantages as well. Meanwhile, the money that gets paid back into the policy by the real estate investor’s business will be growing for the rest of their life, bringing wealth and prosperity. This means that the charge to the business is a gain for the real estate investor as both the owner of the business and of the policy. It’s a win-win and a no-brainer!