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Dawn Ferry
Your Hostess for Today”

Dawn R. Ferry is a multi-faceted dynamo who has over 25 years in the world of education & entertainment. With a diversified professional history, Dawn is a former adjunct professor at University of North Carolina’s School of the Arts and a guest lecturer at Columbia University in Chicago. Dawn has also worked in all areas of television, feature film, live events, music video, commercials & documentary production. Dawn moved to California when she was awarded a full scholarship to USC where she taught undergraduate classes and earned her MFA. Dawn began her career as a Set Decorator and received awards on a number of series and films, including USA Networks “The Big Easy” and the Sundance Film Festival breakthrough hit, “Smoke Signals”, the only Sundance film ever to garner both the Directors’ and Audience Award. When Cybil Sheppard fell in love with a bedroom set Dawn created and asked her to design her new guest casita, another career as an Interior Designer was born.

Since then, Dawn has created over 30 films for film & television as a Production Designer most recently “Seven Days” for China’s YouKu, and “Reagan” (Still in post-production). Other projects include “Hoovey” which received Best Narrative Feature Film at the Sunscreen Film Festival, “Field of Lost Shoes” which received the Best Dramatic Feature at the GI Film Festival; “Space Warriors” which received the S.E.T. Award for advancing Science Engineering & Technology for children and “5-25-77” which received the Heineken Red Star Award at the Hampton’s International Film Festival. Favorites include a babies eye view of some of the world’s most iconic places for “Baby Genius: B.S.I. (Baby Squad Investigators)”, the futuristic environment of “Menno’s Mind” for Showtime, a dark underworld in “Kingdom of the Blind”, the world of a child in “P.U.N.K.S.” and, “Book of Stars” which was reviewed as having “… a Production Design that redefines the word Lovely.” Dawn’s recreated 1961 Mission Control for “Race to Space”, (a period piece based on the first chimp space launch), is still on display at NASA’s Visitor Center in Florida.

Dawn’s Interior Design career continues also, current clients include archivist & designer for Todd Fisher (Carrie Fisher’s brother & Debbie Reynold’s son) which gives her the privilege of caring for their extensive collection of Movie Memorabilia, Americana and collectables including but not limited to Charlie Chaplin’s Camera, the Maltese Falcon, many of Debbie Reynold’s costumes from the MGM collection including the Ruby Slippers, and Carrie’s original Star Wars costume and props.