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Marco Kozlowski
How To Buy As Many Cash flowing Properties As You Want In This Once-a-Decade “Perfect Storm” Using Skills, Strategies, and Funding That No One Else Has Access To…”

Marco Kozlowski is a creative real estate mentor, investor, author, educator and recipient of “The Universe’s Greatest Dad” (awarded 25 years in a row from his 4 kids). Marco is also co-founder of 3 private equity funds within the Capra Capital Group. Marco has led real estate investment trainings all over the world, from Australia to Singapore to North America and Europe.

But it wasn’t always this way. For more than 22 years he’s “failed miserably” as a struggling pianist. In 2009, his wife left him. He lost everything; even homeless for a short time. But because he knew what he knows about real estate, and refused to let that be the end of his story, he jumped back in with an elegant strategy that relies on buying rental properties purchased with OPM. How to do this strategy is what he teaches today.

He went from buying single-family homes in the late 90’s to owning and partnering in over 4,000 rental units across various asset classes such as mobile homes, RV parks, hotels, assisted-living facilities, and more. He even purchased and turned around a struggling themed bar in Orlando, Fl, where he lives.

He doesn’t do house flipping. He doesn’t look for drug dens, burnt out buildings, or rotting, infested homes left over from reality TV shows. He buys and owns properties like apartments, townhomes, duplexes, hotels, trailer parks – stable rental opportunities that are healthy, but that distressed owners need to sell.

Marco has evolved as the real estate industry has changed. What worked last month won’t work next month. He’s always buying all over the US and understands the shifts needed to run a successful business.

Although technically retired, his “ikigai” (reason for being) is to serve others who are committed to growth, to achieve a level of financial awareness and freedom beyond expectations. He does this by educating his proven systems to buy cash-flowing properties. Marco also teaches asset-based lending, creative financing and other super-secret ninja creative tools he’s developed over two decades of actual experiences.

Marco is a big believer in supporting others and contributing to his community. He enjoys giving, donating 10% of proceeds from each of his projects to various causes and delivering actionable content on his #1 rated podcast with over 1,500 5-star reviews, “Big Fat Real Estate Checks.”

Today, in this rapidly changing environment, Marco and his students buy properties using the very same system he’s going to share in his presentation at the Grand Expo.