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Arturo Olivas
Get More Deals: Create Profitable Partnerships with Distressed Homeowners

Arturo Olivas is the CEO and President at PCC Real Estate Solutions. As an active full-time investor, Arturo assumes a hands-on role, personally overseeing the firm’s foreclosure deals and navigating distressed property situations with expertise honed over two decades.

With an impressive track record spanning over 20 years, Arturo has forged numerous profitable partnerships with distressed property owners, all built upon the unwavering foundation of his tried-and-true system. Arturo takes pride in his ability to consistently generate success, thanks to the principles he has embraced from day one.

Arturo has assembled a formidable team that remains steadfast in their daily commitment to following his proven system. His enduring dedication to the world of real estate and distressed property solutions continues to make a significant impact, benefiting both investors and homeowners alike.

This is Arturo’s first year at our Grand Expo and we are very excited that he is joining us. During his presentation, you will learn:

• How to find distressed properties with high equity
• Top benefits of using Equity Partnerships
• Creative prospecting and marketing techniques
• Formulating win-win equity partnerships
• Two keys to putting a successful partnership together