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Seth Phillips
“There’s Gold in Every Backyard”

Until recently, a house with a garage was just a house with a garage.  But no more!  Thanks to the housing crisis, it’s a Brave New World!  With the passage of Senate Bills 9 and 10, you can now construct 2-3-4 units on your land for more rental income.  (And 10 units if your property is near a transportation hub.)  This is great news for real estate investors like you and me.  To learn more about these incredible new opportunities, be sure to attend the 4TH Annual Los Angeles Real Estate Grand Expo on Saturday, October 21, 2023 (9:00 AM to 6:00 pm). After this presentation, you will never value a potential property the same way again.

Seth Phillips is the founder of “ADU Gold” and is considered “California’s Leading Expert on ADUs.” Seth has been a licensed broker/agent for over 30 years.  He brings 13 years of real estate development expertise, having renovated over 1,200 homes.  Plus, he is the founder of “The ADU Development” group with over 730 members. Join Seth (“Mr. ADU”) as he discusses the benefits of Senate Bills 9 and 10, and how you can easily improve your rental income by building more units on your property using Realm’s ADU construction services.

Specifically, property owners must take immediate advantage of Senate Bill 9! Seth will be covering this new law that allows property owners to add up to four rental units to their single-family residence. That’s right! State law now allows you to increase the number of rental units on your property with very few restrictions. Under the new “SB9 Law,” owners may add three new rental units (in addition to existing SFR) regardless of square footage. **The City of Los Angeles now allows 5 units on a single-family property with No subdivision and No owner occupancy requirement**. This legislation gives real estate investors a new tool to create much-needed housing while at the same time creating great opportunities to accumulate new wealth by “optimizing an asset” you already own or want to buy.

At Seth’s presentation, you will learn how to…
* Convert garages, laundry and storage rooms into ADUs.
* Double, triple, or more, your multifamily rental income.
* Learn how Senate Bills 9 and 10 help your properties & income.
* Generate income with triplexes and four-plexes.
* Learn the “step-by-step ADU & SB9 process.”
* Construct ADUs for any of your properties using “Realm” –
* Learn How Realm Can Save You Time and Money on ADU Construction