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Jeremy Rubin
Flipping Houses for Fun and Profit

Jeremy Rubin (aka The Friendly Flipper) is on a mission to “flip” lives. He is a full-time real estate investor who specializes in Fix and Flips and creative deal space. His real estate journey began in 2014, when he made the decision to build a path to freedom from his corporate job. He’s been called a “corporate dropout.” After spending 13 years in retail sales and management, Jeremy knew it was time to change the trajectory of the rest of his life. Without any prior real estate or contracting experience, Jeremy taught himself how to wholesale real estate deals, quite literally one step at a time.

Toward the end of 2016 Jeremy tackled his first fix and flip deal. And he financed it without using banks or hard money lenders – by getting creative, very creative. After nearly 6 months of trial and error, and managing contractors on his lunch break, he sold his first fix and flip property and cleared over $44,000. Shortly after he turned in his two-week notice at his job, and never looked back.

Today Jeremy is the CEO of Premier Real Estate Group, California Central Coast’s #1 creative real estate investing group and owner operator of the Friendly Flipper Academy, where he found his passion in educating others (from new to real estate to experienced realtors and investors) the art of creative real estate investing all over the USA.

Jeremy is a Central Coast native and enjoys spending time outdoors, building his businesses, staying fit and healthy and constantly seeking higher levels of self-development and consciousness while helping others flip their lives. Just as he did with his own though the world of self-development, personal optimization, and real estate.