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Cliff Gager
“Learn How to Wholesale Properties”

CLIFF has been in real estate investing since he started working in the mortgage business in 1991. While doing financing for a few real estate investors, CLIFF also started flipping his own house deals. CLIFF bought, fixed, and sold 248 house flips in three and a half years! This enabled him to open his own mortgage company as well operate his own independent real estate office.

In 1997, CLIFF got involved in the real estate training seminar industry. He has been actively training people to achieve their dreams of flipping houses and becoming real estate investors ever since. For several years his company provided training for several real estate investing training companies and TV gurus. These gurus sold extremely expensive training, and, once sold, they called him to “fulfill” the order and actually give the training to those clients!

CLIFF was “fortunate” to be the end result of the sales process with the “gurus’” clients. It allowed him to teach his strategies and methods, which were the concepts that gave the clients the best training available to them. CLIFF says “fortunate” because he was not really involved in the sales process that got them into the training. CLIFF was not focused on sales, or even additional training sales. CLIFF was able to focus all his efforts on the clients. He gave them what they needed to be able to walk out of his training class and immediately engaged in real estate investing with confidence!v

Since CLIFF has been away from the seminar industry circuit, CLIFF has heard the many horror stories about how people spent their life savings or gone into severe credit card debt to achieve the dream of being a real estate investor. CLIFF often thought: “I wish I had a dollar for everyone that says to me, I wish we met you first, before we spent 50,000 dollars!” These are the stories that caused Cliff to create his current educational program that he now provides to all his clients. This is “Real Training” – with “Real Techniques.” Techniques that work for anyone that employs these strategies in today’s market. And he provides this training at a reasonable cost which allows everyone to obtain real world house flipping knowledge without breaking the bank.

The title of Cliff’s presentation is “Being a Highly Paid Real Estate Investor is Easy…”
During this presentation, Cliff will cover these vital concepts:
1. The fastest way to get and flip houses like a pro
2. How to beat seasoned investors to the “good deals”
3. The simple “key Action Blue Sequence” to fund your deals
4. The exact “3-Step System” that makes you a profit every time you buy.

We are very excited to have Cliff with us at our Grand Expo. Don’t you dare miss his presentation! You will be thankful you heard him.